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So I have two lives—a life as an ordinary schoolgirl, and a life as a princess.

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Sometimes, when Kenny tries to kiss me, I turn my head away.

My English teacher told our class to write about what our family did on Thanksgiving Day. I had two different kinds of Thanksgiving Day dinners, so I wrote about both of them.

text message a written message that you send or receive using a mobile phone.

Meg Cabot (Meggin Patricia Cabot) was born in Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A. She lives in New York City with her husband, Benjamin, and her cat, Henrietta. Meg Cabot studied Art at Indiana University. Then she became an illustrator of books and magazines.

My dad’s mother—Grandmere—is the Dowager Princess of Genovia. Grandmere speaks French, drinks cocktails and smokes a lot of cigarettes. Many people are frightened of her. She’s staying in a suite of rooms at the Plaza Hotel in New York. Every day after school, Grandmere gives me princess lessons.

My mom and dad weren’t married when I was born. My mom didn’t want to marry my dad so she became a single parent. But although my mom and dad weren’t in love with each other, they stayed friends. When I was growing up, my dad sent us money. And every summer I visited him in Genovia.

I’m a freshman—a ninth grade student—at Albert Einstein High School. My best friend is Lilly Moscovitz. I have other school friends too, like Tina Hakim Baba and Shameeka Taylor. My worst subject at school is Algebra. I keep flunking Algebra—I fail every test—so I have to go to Mr Gianini’s extra Algebra classes.