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TV, Radio, Telephone

Radio, Telephone, TV

Max persons: 2

This large room offers a TV, a minibar and a safety deposit box, and includes a private bathroom with a shower or a bathtub and a hairdryer. Some rooms come with a balcony and a mountain view.

Safety Deposit Box

Pets are not allowed in the restaurant and in the spa area.

Safety Deposit Box

In addition to regional and Italian dishes and wines, the hotel also serves special dishes for allergy-sufferers. For younger guests, a children’s area and a weekly activity programme are available. For parents, activities such as guided hikes and Nordic walking are available. The surroundings of the Schlank-Schlemmer Hotel Kürschner are great for hiking or golfing on the Gailtalgolf course.

Rooms: 36

In meiner Klasse ist ein schlankes Mädchen, die richtig gut aussieht.

Dünn is a rather neutral word (as Crissov pointed out, it is the opposite of dick). It can easily be used for objects as well. It can also be used for liquids such as soup and then means low viscosity or for thoughts and then means weak (and for more meanings).

Meine Suppe ist einfach zu dünn, ich muss sie noch eindicken.

Mager has a negative connotation. When used on people, there is a slight implication of anorexia (called Magersucht in German). You’re basically implying that someone is too thin for their looks. This carries over to when using mager for objects: The implication is always too thin.

Schlank has a positive connotation. It can be used for objects, but mostly for aesthetically pleasing ones. If you say that someone is schlank, they are thin in a good-looking way.

All antonyms are of course quite approximate and there are lots of conventional pairs of adjective and noun and others that would be considered unidiomatic.

All three of the words you’re asking about can be used for people, but the implications are different.

In the dictionary they are defined as:

dünn: thin, slim
schlank: slim, slender
mager: skinny, lean