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Boppstr. 3, Berlin, 10967, Germany

Planufer 92b, Berlin, 10967, Germany

Boppstraße 5, Berlin, 10967, Germany

Graefestraße 2, 10967 & Goltzstraße.14, 10781, Berlin, 10967 & 10781, Germany

Urbanstrasse 116, Berlin, 10967, Germany

Grimmstraße 19, Kreuzberg, 10967, Germany

Kottbusser Damm 95, Berlin, 10967, Germany

Graefestrasse 39, Berlin, 10967, Germany

How smart do you think you are? A new IQ test might be able to help you assess your skills — or at least how much basic algebra you’ve retained since middle school.

Written by Playbuzz contributor Lisette Voytko and picked up by The Daily Mail, the 15-question quiz includes arithmetic as well as logic and language puzzles.

I gut feeling guessed most of these

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  • – A new IQ test from Playbuzz is making the rounds on the internet.
  • – The questions range from math equations to word scrambles.
  • – Some people’s results show they have a „genius brain,“ but not everyone thinks it’s easy.

Think you’re up for the challenge? You can take the full quiz here.

Work backwards from Monday:

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